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Depression & anxiety risk screening: history

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Many people don’t get help for depression because they're worried about what others might think. They also may not know where to go for help. Know that you’re not alone. Chances are you’re not the only one in your family, among your friends or community who is at-risk for or has depression. Depression is often not talked about in the Latino community. Finding out if you're at risk is the first step in being healthy. Getting help is the next step.

Helpful Resources for Getting Screened

It can be hard to find social services to help with your physical and emotional health. TakeAction is a social care network that connects people and programs – making it easy for you to find the social services you need in your community.

Here are some other resources:

  • TakeAction: For most people, navigating the system to get help is difficult, time consuming and frustrating. TakeAction is a social care network that connects people and programs – making it easy for people to find the social services they need in their community.
  • NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness: Call 800-950-6264 or visit NAMI online for support groups and information.
  • County mental health department or a department of behavioral health: These organizations provide services and referrals to people of all ages to support their emotional well-being. Find programs in your county.
  • Check with your health plan for referrals to licensed counselors as needed.
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are often offered by large employers. This program can help you find many services, including in-person counseling sessions. Check with Human Resources at your work to learn more.

There are online support groups for people with depression and other emotional disorders.

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